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Dick Wingert


Zeichner: Dick Wingert (1919-1993)
Serie: Hubert 15. Juni 1980, signiert
Format: 23,5x53,5cm
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€ 99,-

Wingerts Familienserie Hubert erzählt die teilweise haarsträubenden Erlebnisse des Familienoberhaupts Huberts, der zuHause so fast gar nichts zu sagen hat.

In 1942, Dick Wingert was hired by the London-based team of the American army magazine, Stars and Stripes. Here, he created the character of Hubert, the stereotype of a simple soldier. At first, 'Hubert' appeared as an illustration, combined with dialogue or a phrase. In 1945, 'Hubert' was turned into a daily comic, distributed by King Features Syndicate.Wingert gave up the military theme and Hubert became a civilian. Dick Wingert drew the series until 1994 and, throughout the years, he created several other characters for the comic, like Hubert's wife Trudy, his daughter Elli and the dog Freddy.

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