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Don Sherwood (1930-2010)

Don Sherwood

Zeichner:Don Sherwood
Serie: Dan Flagg 31. August 1964, signiert
Format: 47x14cm
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€ 75,-

Der Amerikaner Don Sherwood startete seine Serie DAN FLAGG 1963 enorm erfolgreich und verarbeitete dort seine Ertlebnisse als US Marine Soldat. Während der fünfjährigen Laufzeit des Strips wurde Don Sherwood von zum Teil äußerst promineten Kollegen wie WALLY WOOD oder AL MCWILLIAMS unterstützt.

Sherwood's Marine hero was a success upon its launch, and appeared as a weekly strip and Sunday comic in about 400 newspapers around the USA, including the New York Daily News, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post. In the comic's final year, Sherwood was working with scriptwriter Jerry Thomas, while Archie Goodwin had helped with the writing in 1963-1964. During his five year run on the comic, Sherwood had worked with several ghost artists, including John Belfi, Angelo Torres, Larry Englehart, Doug Wildey, George Evans, Al McWilliams and Wallace Wood. It was syndicated by the McNaught Syndicate (1963-1965) and Bell-McClure (1966-1967).

His positive portrayal of the US Marines, as well as his well-documented research, made him a respected promotor for the Marine Corps. He was even invited to lunch with President Lyndon B. Johnson at the White House, along with the other military cartoonists Milton Caniff, Mort Walker, Bill Mauldin and George Wunder. However, public sentiment regarding the Vietnam War put an end to the popularity of Sherwood's comic and plans for a TV series starring Robert Taylor were cancelled.

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original art Don Sherwood/Dan Flagg
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