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Dick Moores (1909-1986)


Zeichner: Dick Moores
Serie: Gasoline Alley 3. Januar 1983, signiert
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  € 125,-

Dick Moores begann seine Laufbahn als Zeichner von Disney Comics in den 1950er Jahren. Ab 1956 war zunächst Assistent für FRANK KING für Gasoline Alley bis er schließlich nach dessen Tod 1959 die Serie übernahm. Moores gelang es vortrefflich die Figuren neu zu formen und dadurch plastischer zu gestalten. Dadurch gewann Gasoline Alley neue Fans und wurde noch erfolgreicher.

Moores worked mainly on the newspaper strips during the 1940s and 1950s. He inked the 'Mickey Mouse' strips by Floyd Gottfredson between 1942 and 1945 and was Manuel Gonzales' inker on 'Mickey Mouse' Sundays, 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Treasury of Classic Tales' from 1950 to 1955. He inked Paul Murry's 'Silly Symphonies' page starring 'Panchito' and 'Jose Carioca' (1942-45) and was a penciller on the Sunday pages of 'Uncle Remus and his Tales of Brer Rabbit' (1946-50) and 'Scamp' (1956), as well as the daily 'Scamp' strip (1955-56). During the same period, Moores additionally illustrated stories for Dell Publishing's comic books with 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Donald Duck', but also with Warner's 'Bugs Bunny' and 'Porky Pig'. He additionally developed TV commercials with Jack Boyd in 1950-1951.

In 1956, Frank King asked him to assist him on the daily 'Gasoline Alley' strip, which he took over competely after its creator's retirement in 1959. Moores' run on the strip was very successful; he modernized the style and focused on a different set of characters than King. When Sunday's artist Bill Perry retired in 1975, Moores also took over this page, aided by Bob Zschiesche. He drew 'Gasoline Alley' until his death in 1986, and he was succeeded by his assistant Jim Scancarelli.

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